Welcome to Jazz


Are you ready to swing? 

Discover the wonders of jazz: How to get in the groove, what it means to play a solo, and the joy of singing along in a call-and-response.
In this interactive swing-along picture book with 12 sound chips, you’ll hear the instruments of jazz—the rhythm section with its banjo, drums, and tuba, and the leads, like the clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. And you’ll hear singers scat, improvising melodies with nonsense syllables like be-bop and doo-we-ah!
Along the way, you’ll learn how this unique African American art form started in New Orleans, and how jazz changed over time as innovative musicians like King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Billie Holiday added their own ideas to it. 


“Welcome to Jazz is a perfect entree for a young person’s journey into the wonders of Jazz. Highly recommended for children of all ages.” 

– Justin Dicioccio, jazz musician, composer and associate dean/chair emeritus of the Manhattan School of Music’s Jazz Arts Program.



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